Rumina vs 7 Victims

1998 Canadian Jiu Jitsu Championship

No Gi Tournament

Rumina Sato vs Nameless Victims (7 by my count)


Rumina Sato is my favorite Japanese Fighter.  He started in MMA in 1994 in Shooto, one of the two major promotions in Japan (Pancrase is the other) in the 90’s before the explosion of Pride.

As you watch this compilation (and please excuse the music and the slo-motion rewinds) you will see a very good athlete who has remarkable transitions from position to position.   He is a finisher which is the most exciting to watch.

After you see these, watch some of his MMA fights.  They are just as enjoyable.  He also has one of the coolest ring names – “Moon Wolf”

Enjoy Rumina.

As a bonus, this was one of his last matches.  This is super fight at the 2009 UFC 100 Fan Expo against Ulysses Gomez.