Leo v Yuki

2002 Ground Impact

Super Fight


Leo Vieira v Yuki Nakai

I do not have many details on Ground Impact, but this match, listed as a super fight, in my opinion,  has the most beautiful back takes in the history of the sport.

Yuki Nakai was the first Japanese to be awarded a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt.   He was famously blinded (permanently) in his right eye in his opening match of the 1995 Vale Tudo Japan but still proceeded to win, win a second match, and then face Rickson Gracie in the final (watch the documentary Choke).

Leo Vieira, a Pan and World champion, is best known for his work in future ADCC’s as well as his creation of the powerhouse BJJ Team CheckMat.  Leo is one of those players whose game is perfect for highlight reels.   This match is no exception.   You will rewind this many times