Kron vs Chris

2008 Pan Ams

Brown Belt Absolute Final

Irvine California

Kron Gracie vs Chris Moriarty

Kron (on the right) is the grandson of Helio, son of Rickson.   In his lower belt experience, Kron was a terror – he had a streak of 51 straight submissions in competition,  amassing world championships at Purple (2006) and Brown (2007).   This match with Chris would be his last at Brown Belt as he would enter the 2008 World Championships at Black Belt.  His Black Belt IBJJF experience would not be as decorated as he would manage a 2009 European Championship and a silver at 2011 Worlds.  His success would come in submission grappling – Metamoris events and ADCC where he submitted his way through the -77kg bracket to become 2013 ADCC champion.  Since then, he retired from competitive grappling to focus on MMA.

Chris Moriarty was a very talented grappler from the Alliance Team in the early 2000’s.  He was the 2007 Heavy Weight Brown Belt World Champion (where he defeated Bernardo Faria).   In this event, he had already won the Heavy weight division when he collided with Kron in the Absolute final.

Watching Kron fight, you can see that he throws caution to the wind.  He does not care about points, only the submission (he has epic matches with Marcelo and Buchecha that are worthy of separate posts).  Even with a substantial weight difference,  he attacks.

Enjoy Kron vs Chris