Josh vs Mateo

2018 Long Beach Open

Adult Medium Heavyweight Final

Long Beach California

Josh Hinger vs Mateo Tenzera

I had heard of Josh (black gi) but did not know much about him until I saw him compete in person at the 2017 Chicago Spring Open. Since then, I have paid attention to him (as you all should). From my observations, I would define his approach to the game as coming home with your shield or on it (to paraphrase the overused Spartan warrior theme). He hunts for submissions, doesn’t appear to have a regard for points, and rarely stalls. I also enjoy his perspective and his occasional writings about the sport and lifestyle. Josh is in his mid-30’s but continues to compete and win at the adult level.

His specialty is no gi, having won three world championships, and just qualified for the 2019 ADCC championships that will be held this September in Los Angelas.

If you want lessons in Guillotines or Gogoplatas, Josh should be on your list to watch.

Enjoy Josh vs Mateo