Eddie vs Royler

2003 Abu Dhabi World Championships

Quarter Final Match

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Eddie Bravo vs Royler Gracie

Eddie Bravo (Shirtless in the video) is not a title holder in any major grappling promotion.  He is known for his innovative no gi system- 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, his tournament- EBI, and his predilection for cannabis. But his current popularity probably would not have happened without this match.

Royler Gracie is the youngest son of Helio Gracie.  Amongst the family, Royler was the only member who participated in competitive grappling (along with MMA) both with and without the Gi.  And he was successful:  4 time World Champion (1996-1999), 2 time Pan Am Champion (1997,1999) and 3 time ADCC Champion (1999-2001).

As you watch this match, Royler seems to be cruising along with positional dominance and pressure.  Then there is a subtle turn in momentum and Eddie takes control with his rubber guard.  What occurs next was the biggest upset in ADCC history to that point.

Ironically, Eddie loses in the next round and cannot continue due to injury.   So, by rule, Royler took his place and won 3rd place.

Enjoy Eddie vs Royler