Chuck vs Rickson

Chuck Norris Seminar

Unknown Whereabouts


Chuck Norris vs Rickson Gracie

Everyone points to UFC 1, which occurred in Denver in 1993, as the primary introduction of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to the general public.  While most of us credit this event as the inspiration for joining the lifestyle, two smaller events preceding UFC 1 that introduced the Gracie Family to us.  In 1989, Playboy Magazine published an article about Rorion and his brothers (I have posted a reprint here).  But before the article, Chuck Norris brought all the brothers in for a seminar in 1988.  It is believed to be a seminar for the US Airforce, but a few years ago, I met a person who attended the seminar and he said it was for anyone.  Regardless, this is some quick footage of Chuck squaring off with Rickson.

Chuck, I love your sidekick attempt, but welcome to Mata Leon!

Enjoy Chuck vs Rickson.

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