Adam vs Leandro

2019 Pan Jiu Jitsu Championships

Heavyweight Semi-Final

Irvine, CA

Adam Wardzinski vs Leandro Lo

This match was the upset of the weekend during the Pan Championships this past March.

We have introduced Adam “Mr. Butterfly” Wardzinski (white GI) here. So let’s talk about Leandro.

Fighting Leandro Lo is like trying to give a feral cat a bath. He is impossible to sweep, his guard is virtually impassible and he rarely gets submitted (which makes this match more amazing since all 3 occur).

Leandro is a 6 time World Champion – in three different weight classes. He is a 6 time Pan Champion, a 3 time Brazilian National Champion and 4 Time UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro Champion. Oh, and he is a 7 time Copo Podio Grand Prix Champion- in three different weight classes.

So, suffice to say he is pretty good.

I witnessed this in person and was very pleased when the IBJJF posted it for free.

Enjoy Adam vs Leandro

Baret vs M.

2018 World No Gi Championships

Master 3 Featherweight Elimination Match

Anaheim CA

Baret Yoshida vs M. Robert

In 1998, Sheik Tahnoon Din Zayed Al Nahyan created the tournament of tournaments for Submission Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enthusiasts called the ADCC Submission World Wrestling Championships. The event is 5 different weight classes comprised of 16 person brackets with opening rounds of 10 minutes and finals of 20 minutes. The rules are much different than your traditional IBJJF tournament. After the weight divisions are concluded they have a 16 person Open Division, the most coveted podium in our sport. This year, in September, the ADCC will be hosted in Los Angeles and will mark its 13th installment (from 1998 to 2001, it was held every year. Since 2003 it is every 2 years) of the event.

Baret Yoshida (left), starting in 1999, has appeared in 10 ADCC Championships. I will go out on a limb and say that must be a record for number of appearances. He is a 2 time silver medalist (2001 and 2003). 20 years later, Baret hasn’t stopped. He continues to fight tournaments as well as submission only events (Polaris, EBI, Fight to Win). He also records some of the coolest submissions like the one I have selected today.

Enjoy Baret vs M.

Editors apology for not knowing Baret’s opponents full name.