Denilson vs A

2018 World Master Championships

Featherweight Match

Las Vegas, Nevada

Denilson Pimenta vs A Netto

I could not find much on either player, the age division, or if this is actually a featherweight match. I do know that Denilson is in the Blue Gi.

Regardless of the match parameters, Denilson took his opponent to the woodshed.

Enjoy Denilson vs A.

Garry vs Stephen


Opening Round Match

Los Angelas, California

Garry Tonon vs Stephen Martinez

EBI (Eddie Bravo International) were 16- person submission only tournaments created by – you guessed it – Eddie Bravo. The format was No Gi with time limits but with a unique set of overtime rules to advance a winner in the event no submission occurred in regulation. It has been sometime since an EBI has occurred. Let us hope it will be resurrected.

From 2014 – 2016, Garry Tonon ruled EBI. He won the tournament 3 times in three different weight classes.

In this opening match of the EBI Lightweight Tournament (155 lbs) Garry demonstrates his fluid and creative Jiu Jitsu that makes him a fan favorite.

Enjoy Garry vs Stephen