Keenan vs Erberth

2017 Sport Jiu Jitsu International Federation (SJJIF) World Championships

Absolute Final

Long Beach CA

Keenan Cornelius vs Erberth Santos

Erberth makes his second appearance in MFM having been introduced here . But this will be our first introduction of Keenan Cornelius (here in the white Gi).

Keenan is internationally known for his unconventional and unique guard play. He has created a whole style (and list of new position names) by using opponents Gi tails and belt for additional grips. Keenan had a very successful lower belt competition record, basically he was unstoppable at purple and brown belt. He was promoted to black belt in 2013 and has added European, Pan, and No Gi titles to his resume. But, a world championship and an ADCC championship still escapes him.

This match is a good display of Keenan’s current M.O. of using Gi tails and the belt to his advantage. Erberth does a nice job at neutralizing those grips (for a brief time they were teammates at Atos. This may have been around that time where Erberth had some inside experience against him in the practice room). But, as always with MFM, there is a move, technique, or a moment where everything turns. So, stay until the end.

Enjoy Keenan vs Erberth

Fellipe vs Gustavo

2018 ACB BJJ World Championships

Absolute Semi Final

Moscow, Russia

Fellipe Andrew vs Gustavo Batista

I introduced Fellipe here in a January post (Blue Gi). Since that post, he has added golds from the European and Pan Jiu Jitsu Championships. He is halfway to a grand slam (adding a Brazilian National and World titles in the same year). I hope the grappling gods are watching with a benevolent eye and cast upon him an ADCC invitation (unless he of course qualifies).

Gustavo Batista is another up and comer to watch for. A product of Leandro Lo’s NS Brotherhood, but now a member of Atos, Gustavo is also working on a potential 2019 grand slam (at a different weight). He took both his weight (medium heavy) and absolute at the Europeans in January and his weight category at the Pan in March.

Needless to say, these two will be facing each other in future absolute categories. So stay tuned for future MFM posts involving these competitors.

Enjoy Fellipe vs Gustavo