Alexandre vs Tomoshige

2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Slam

3rd place Match – Mens 69kg

Tokyo, Japan

Alexandre Vieira vs Tomoshige Sera

Alexandre Vieira has been a Black Belt under Murilo Bustamante of Brazilian Top Team since 2014. Since that time he has had moderate success in big competitions. But, he is best known for this match that went viral within the community.

Enjoy Alexandre vs Tomoshige

2019 European IBJJF Study

Greetings MFM’ers-

This edition is a little departure from posting a cool competition video. Since January, I have been studying the adult male black belt results from the 2019 European IBJJF Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships – watching a lot of video and recording some statistics – and have finally finished a little report.

So for the BJJ Analytics Nerd, I present the:


ps. any and all errors in results, math, and grammar are that of the author.