Espen vs Gareth

2017 Copenhagen Open

Middleweight Final

Copenhagen, Denmark

Espen Mathiesen vs Gareth Neale

Like his teammate Tommy Langaker,  Espen Mathiesen (Blue Gi) is another burgeoning Jiu Jitsu player from Norway.  He had a break out 2018 by winning the Jiu Jitsu World Pro in April (3 of his 5 matches ended by submission, including the final against Jake Mackenzie), then followed it up with a 3rd place at the Worlds in June at Lightweight (he lost in the semi-finals to multiple world champion, never gets scored, never gets submitted, Lucas Lepri only by an advantage).

He is constantly on the attack, always hunting for a submission, which is why he is another player to pay attention to.

Enjoy Espen vs Gareth

Tommy vs Renato

2018 European Championships

Open Weight Qualifier

Lisbon Portugal

Tommy Langaker vs Renato Canuto

Tommy Langaker (Blue Gi) is a rising star in the sport.  Hailing from Norway, Tommy made a huge impression at this years world championships by accumulating 3 submissions in 5 of his matches at middleweight.  He would have had a 4th submission had his opponent not been disqualified from – you guessed it – fleeing from a submission.  Tommy would end up losing the final to Isaque Bahiense in a tight match by points.  His resume is littered with submission victories and he will one day be atop some major podiums.  Take my advice- when he is on the mat don’t pay attention to anything else and watch.

Renato Canuto is another up and comer in the sport.  The young Brazilian has done his best work in No Gi (World No Gi champion in 2017, 2 x Kasai Pro Champion), but eventually will break through in the Gi.  His style is best described as ‘kinetic” full of energy, acrobatics, and plain old spazzy-ness.

This is a good scrap from this years Europeans.

Enjoy Tommy vs Renato.