Ze Mario vs Roleta

1998 World Championships

Black Belt Absolute Final

Tijuca Tenis Clube, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ze’ Mario Sperry vs Roberto “Roleta” Magalhães

The 1998 open weight championship match had two of the Kings of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu of the era squaring off (for the second time that day) in one of the more drama filled matches you will see.

Ze’ Mario Sperry (left) is a Carlson Gracie Black Belt, co-founder of the powerhouse Brazilian Top Team, 3 time World Champion (1996, 1997, 1998, 2 time ADCC champion – the first person to win his weight (-99kg) and absolute in the same event.  He would go on to have a successful MMA career, primarily in Pride, and be regarded as an exceptional BJJ and MMA coach.

Roberto “Roleta” Magalhães (Roleta means Roulette in Portuguese) is a Gracie Barra Black Belt, 4 time World Champion (1996,1997,1998,2000) and 4 Time Pan Champion (1996,1997,1998,1999).  He is widely regarded as having one of the best guards in BJJ derived from his flexibility, dexterity, and creativity.  He is on my bucket list to train with.

As mentioned, earlier in these championships Roleta defeated Ze’ Mario in the quarter finals of the Super Heavy weight division (by points).  Also, during the late 1990’s, there was a tremendous rivalry between the Carlson Gracie Academy and the Gracie Barra Academy.  This provides the context to explain why this match is a little nuts.

In this match, you have everything: a wardrobe malfunction, improper resets, a ‘Brazilian Tap’ to a deep clock choke around minute 5, a clueless ref, weird penalties, effective stalling, arguments over everything and a final decision which I have no clue how it was scored.

Regardless.. the match is still fun.

Enjoy Ze’ Mario vs Roleta:

Tony vs Homer

2000 Grapplers Quest West

Open Weight Division Match

Tony DeSouza vs Homer Moore


Back in the day, pre Youtube, we had to wait for DVDs or VHS compilations to come out.  I remember getting a bootleg version of OTM’s Mat Burn and seeing this match.  I was lucky to find it on this site because it is no where to be found on Youtube.

Tony DeSouza is a wrestler, BJJ Black Belt under Nova Uniao, and MMA fighter (15-4) who is credited with creating the “Peruvian Necktie” submission (look it up…its nasty).  He also coined a fighting style called Cholitzu – a combination of wrestling and BJJ.  I think he resides and teaches in Peru.

Homer Moore is a wrestler and MMA fighter who compiled a decent record.  Not much else is known about him, except a little rumor that he killed a guy in 1999 (he was arrested and charged in 2014, but the matter was later dismissed).

I was always fascinated with this match because of the size difference and how quickly it ended.

Enjoy Tony vs Homer