We are just under 60 days away

We are now deep into our preparations for the American Grappling Challenge and IBJJF Pan Jiu Jitsu Championships to be held in consecutive weekends in March.   Our practice now is centered on individual strategies of performance.  As a coach,  I am determined to defy the old adage “failing to plan is planning to fail.”   It is certainly hard, taxing work, but this is what we do.

As I wrote about it in the BJJ Blackbook,  the cornerstone of our preparation is to sharpen our best 20% of technique to eliminate all thought in performance.

Once each team members strategy is fixed, our next phase is execution.

Stay tuned as we share our progress

Competition Preparation is Under Way

Today, we are 78 days from the 2013 IBJJF Pan Jiu Jitsu Championships in Irvine CA.  Traditionally, Team Chard identifies this competition as the defining competition for the academy.   Additionally, the American Grappling Challenge, will be hosting an event in Northeast Ohio on 3/23/13.  So, we will be preparing two teams.

One of our mantras is that competition is the best benchmark of progress.  Additionally, I have posted about the  real value in competition.  So as we prepare, we will share our plans, our progress and our performance.

This month, for the first 3 weeks or so, the plan is to identify and create strategies for each Competitor’s performance.   It is essential, that you have a Plan A, a Plan B, and maybe a Plan C before you step onto the mat.

Stay tuned as we work our way to Irvine.