Ohio Grappling Challenge- Medina Ohio 4/14/12

7 Competitors traveled to Medina to participate in Gi and No Gi divisions at the Ohio Grappling Challenge.

It was a very successful day:  Of the 13 divisions we entered, we reached the finals in 10 of them.  Everyone brought home some hardware:

Austin “Tin-Tin” Hartsel:  Gold Medal Intermediate Teen Gi

Marcus Herrera:  Gold Medal Lightweight Masters White Belt

Kevin McCallion: Gold Medal Middle Weight White Belt, Silver No-Gi

Jon Bobel: Silver Medal Middleweight Purple Belt,  Gold Medal No Gi Advanced Middleweight

Jason Windon:  Gold Medal No Gi Advanced Heavyweight

Zak Gilyard: Silver Light/Middle Blue Belt

Santo Domingo:  Gold Light/Middle Blue Belt, Gold Light Intermediate No Gi.