Self Defense.  Get in shape. Want to be an MMA fighter.

No one really needs a reason to train,  but everyone has one.  You have one.   So did I.  I want you to remember why you started because it will change once you begin.  Not right away.  It takes time, but eventually what caused you to start will no longer be important.  A different feeling will take over.  What is this feeling?  It is difficult to describe now.  That is for another time.  But, pay attention to those that have trained for a while.  You can see it in us.  Remember, we started at the same point as you.

Do me a favor.  When you first start, detach from your preconceived notions, set aside your expectations, ignore your prior experiences and forget what you have seen on YouTube.   Let the instruction take over.   It will be difficult at first.  Sometimes insurmountable.  Demands will be placed on your body and mind that you will not be used too, maybe not even like.   Your confidence and self worth will take a hit, a big one.  You will lose, often.

Continue to push forward, watch, learn, experience.   That feeling I mentioned?  It is there, waiting for you.  Be patient.  That moment that changes you will happen.   It happened to all of us.  When it arrives, then you will understand.

I know what your thinking, though.  OK, when?

Only you can answer that.