Unexpected Discoveries

I began Jiu Jitsu because I needed something real.  My martial arts practice prior to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu had been disappointing.

In my formative years of Jiu Jitsu training,  I wanted medals.  I wanted the rush of standing on the podium above all others.

When I returned to Ohio, all I wanted was a Jiu Jitsu academy.  I wanted to share what I knew, grow a team from scratch and develop the toughest training room around.

All these things are done.   Now,  I will search for the perfect roll.   I will flow without interruption, without time, without purpose.  I will discover the unexpected.  I will feel what has never been felt before.  I will discard outcomes.  I will move without effort, without concern, without value.

I will return to Jiu Jitsu.