Terere vs Marcelo

2003 World Championships

Black Belt Middleweight Final

Tijuca Tenis Clube, Rio de Janeiro

Fernando “Terere” Augusto vs Marcelo Garcia

If I gathered a number of BJJ Historians and polled them who could have been one of the greatest of all time,  I would bet that Terere would be in the conversation.   I would argue that he was Marcelo before we knew who Marcelo Garcia was.   Knowing what we know today, this match between the two (believed to be their first) provides maybe more questions then answers.

Prior to this final, Terere was the 2000 World Champion and 2001 Silver Medalist at Middleweight and certainly the crowd favorite.   Marcelo finds himself in his first world championship final as a black belt after winning gold as a brown belt in 2002, at middle.

This match you get to see a little ashi garami, knee reap, some attempted X-Guard, and some 50/50, followed by a simple old school submission.   So, no kids, these positions aren’t new.

After this match, Terere and Marcelo would take drastically different paths.  Terere would go on and attempt to compete as an Ultra-Heavyweight (while still weighing as a middleweight) and lose in the 2004 worlds finals to Fabricio Werdum.   Then, his life would descend into chaos with legal, mental health and substance abuse issues.   Fortunately, he survived and rehabilitated himself and now is clean and sober and teaching jiu jitsu to underprivileged kids in Rio.

Marcelo, a few months after this match, would be a late substitution in the 2003 ADCC championships at -77KG, and go on to win the weight category.  He would record 3 more ADCC championships (2005, 2007, 2011), the only person to win an ADCC weight category 4 times.   He would also add 5 middle weight world championships to his C.V. (2004, 2006,2009,2010,2011).

Enjoy Terere vs Marcelo