Contact us for monthly membership costs.  If you are visiting from out of town and wish to train for the day, our drop in fee is $20 per class.

Other frequently asked questions regarding membership:

  • For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practice, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu uniform (Gi) is required.   For Submission Wrestling practice, a rash guard and grappling shorts are required.  We do not sell apparel at the academy, but will guide you on the best brands.
  • We do not train children.  We are an adult facility only.
  • You do not have to be in shape to start training. You will notice that your current fitness level does not matter very quickly.  We will get you in the shape necessary to succeed. 
  • We train exclusively in the sport of BJJ and take pride in being active competitors.  Tournament participation is the ultimate test of your physical skills, emotional fortitude, and mental preparation.  But, while we can attest that growth can come from competition, we also understand that it is not for everyone.  We encourage it, but do not force it.