The Cost


PROGRAM COSTS (does not include Capoeira.  Contact Santo for those prices)

Option 1:  $109 per month payable by completion of a PayPal automatic billing account below.

Option 2:  $20 class fee.  This is payable by cash/credit on the days that you elect to train.

A white, blue or black Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Uniform (GI) is required for all training.   The Center does not sell apparel, but most of us wear Atama.

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By signing up for automatic billing, I agree with the following Terms and Conditions:

I authorize OhioBJJC Inc to withdraw monthly amounts of $109 on my behalf in exchange for membership.  Withdrawals will be on or around the 15th or 30th of the month, depending on when you enroll.  Withdrawals will continue monthly unless I tell  OhioBJJC Inc that I don’t want to train anymore.

I agree that any withdrawal attempt that fails to be processed via the PayPal option will result in the suspension of my training until the issue is resolved and payment is rendered.

I understand I have the right to cancel my membership at anytime for any reason.  If I wish to suspend training due to sickness, injury, or poor time management, payments may be suspended, via written request to OhioBJJC Inc, in 30 day increments only.  I understand OhioBJJC Inc will not alter, modify, credit, or pro-rate my membership plan due to suspension and/or cancellation of training.  I agree to update OhioBJJC Inc with any change in my debit or credit card account as soon as possible.

I fully understand that OhioBJJC Inc makes no warranties or money back guarantees on the effect that training will have on me.  I understand that I must train diligently and consistently in order to attain any benefit from the programs OhioBJJC Inc has to offer. I understand that there are no refunds.