Shane vs Joao

2018 Washington D.C. Summer Open

Featherweight  Final 

Washington D.C.

Shane Jamil Hill-Taylor vs Joao Pereira

I happened upon this match just this week and I knew it was an instant MFM entry.

Shane Jamil Hill-Taylor (white Gi) is the first American to be crowned World Champion of the Featherweight division by winning the 2018 Championship this past June.  The Featherweights have been ruled by Brazilians since the inception of the Mundials and Shane finally ended their dominant run.  I expect that he will remain a finals participant in many events to come.

I must admit to not knowing his opponent in blue, Joao Pereira.  This post is really the brilliance of Shane’s use of Lasso, Spider, and De la Riva guards.   I expect you will have to rewind in a few spots to try to breakdown his techniques.

Enjoy Shane vs Joao