Roger vs Rodrigo

2015 IBJJF Black Belt League


Las Vegas, NV

Roger Gracie vs Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros

I base my MFM entries on a theme – something happens or someone stands out that needs to be recognized. Whatever the theme maybe, my intention for all MFM posts is to be educational. I lean towards the philosophy that that watching competition video is more valuable that instructional video. This is the mission of this blog. While I want everyone to enjoy the matches I post, I want you to learn from the match selection.

Why such a heavy introduction? Because I have a bold, borderline hyperbolic, statement regarding this match:

This match is the best display of basic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Technique I have ever seen.

I have introduced both Roger (White Gi) and Rodrigo (Blue Gi) before. Both are legends and I don’t need to repeat their histories. Just watch and see if you agree with my assertion.

Enjoy Roger vs Rodrigo.