Rodolfo vs Bernardo

The History of

Rodolfo Vieira vs Bernardo Faria

This week is a slight departure from posting  a single match.  Today is about exploring my favorite history of two competitors.

Every few years, we are treated to two competitors that face each other over and over again when it matters the most: in semi or finals matches.

Between 2011 and 2014, Rodolfo Vieira and Bernardo Faria did just that.  They met 8 times, 2 in semi-finals and 6 in the finals, of weight and absolute categories.

Instead of listing their accolades, I thought it best to describe how each competes.  As you watch some of their matches, they are almost carbon copies of one other.  Their styles are polar opposites which makes for these incredible tight, grinding matches where they were fighting for inches.

On the one side is Rodolfo.  His game is best described as takedown (a drop seoi nage; inside trip; or knee pick) to a pressure pass (typically cut through) to mount (or back) and then end with a choke.

Then there is Bernardo:  Pulls to half guard, establishes deep half guard, sweeps, either to a sneaky knee bar of his or to an over/under pass.  Then he typically controls for a submission or points.

Now, the other aspect of their story is the dominance of Rodolfo in their head to head matchups.   In their 8 meetings, Rodolfo has never lost.  Ever.  But don’t let the dominance of Rodolfo deter you from watching these videos.  These are very competitive matches.

Here is the complete history of their meetings*

2011 Pan Am Heavyweight Final:  Rodolfo by points

2011 Pan Am Open Weight Final:  Rodolfo by advantage

2011 Worlds Heavyweight Final: Rodolfo by points

2011 Worlds Open Weight Final: Rodolfo by points

2012 European Absolute Final:  Rodolfo by points

2012 World Pro Absolute Semi Final (attached below): Rodolfo by choke

2014 World Superheavy Weight Final: Rodolfo by arm bar

2014 World Open Weight Semi Final: Rodolfo by wrist lock.

Enjoy Rodolfo vs Bernardo.

*this is the known history from IBJJF and World Pro results.  It is certainly possible that they have other matches.   They do not have any history of meeting without the Gi.  Strangely,  Bernardo has never appeared in ADCC.