2019 European IBJJF Study

Greetings MFM’ers-

This edition is a little departure from posting a cool competition video. Since January, I have been studying the adult male black belt results from the 2019 European IBJJF Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships – watching a lot of video and recording some statistics – and have finally finished a little report.

So for the BJJ Analytics Nerd, I present the:


ps. any and all errors in results, math, and grammar are that of the author.

Rafael vs Charles

2014 Rickson Cup

Absolute Semi-Final


Rafael Mendes vs Charles Gaspar

Each week with My Favorite Matches, I try to add an additional layer of context, theme or opinion to the match so that you watch the video. More importantly, I want these weekly editions to provoke you to go down the rabbit hole of competition video.

Some weeks, I highlight a particular individual that people will benefit attempting to imitate. Some weeks, MFM is about a moment or series of moments that are historic and should be remembered like those moments people remember in other sports. Finally, MFM may just bring the most bat-shit crazy technique that no one will ever do again.

This week is one of those bat-shit moments. I bring you a choke that is a once in a lifetime finish. Maybe I am being a little hyperbolic, but its been 5 years since this match and I have yet to see anything like it.

We introduced Rafael Mendes , who is in the discussion as the best Featherweight ever, to you before. While this match is ultimately about its conclusion, pay also particular attention to his movement. Charles really never had a chance.

Enjoy Rafael vs Charles.