Marcus vs Rodolfo

2012 World Championships

Open Class Quarter Finals

Los Angeles, California

Marcus Almeida vs Rodolfo Viera

We have showcased both Marcus and Rodolfo before in MFM, but against different opponents.

This match is the beginning of Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida’s complete domination in the sport. The prior year, Rodolfo and Marcus met in the quarterfinals of the absolute and Rodolfo secured a victory with an arm bar to become the eventual double champion in his weight and open classes. This would be the last time he would ever defeat him.

Since 2012, Marcus has won 13 world titles, 7 in his weight and 6 in the open class. Add to that 3 Pan titles, 2 No Gi Titles, 6 World Pro Titles and 2 ADCC titles and it is easy to conclude he is the best ever (with the one hiccup being this).

Enjoy Marcus vs Rodolfo