Jean-Jacques vs Caol

1999 ADCC Championships

-77 kg Final

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Jean Jacques Machado vs Caol Uno

Between 1998 and 2001, we were treated every year to the ADCC championships (in 2003 they went to the every other year format).   Since this was pre-internet, we would all wait for results to be published in magazines or have to buy (or more often bootleg) VHS/DVD’s of the event.  The story for the 1999 event was Jean Jacques Machado.

Jean Jacques Machado is one of the five Machado brothers, all black belts, and cousins to the Gracies.   What sets Jean Jacques apart is that he was born without fully developed fingers on one of his hands.  Jean Jacques is also well known for promoting Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan to their black belts.  More importantly, he appeared numerous times on the best show on TV ever – Walker Texas Ranger.

Caol Uno is best known for his Shooto and MMA careers.  He was a part of the early UFC lightweight division and had some notable fights against Jens Pulver and BJ Penn.   Unfortunately for him, he was never on Walker Texas Ranger.

The 1999 -77 kg class was all Jean Jacques.  He spent a cumulative time of 14 minutes and 38 seconds in his 4 matches submitting every opponent by the same technique: Rear Naked Choke.  Pretty damn efficient.

Enjoy Jean-Jacques vs Caol