The Holy Trinity of BJJ

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is all about efficiency.   To be able to last in a match, your skills must be more accurate and effective then your opponents.  Efficient technique arrives with diligent practice, something you will hear over and over from me.  Efficiency must come at the sacrifice of time and effort.   I believe efficiency in all Brazilian Jiu Jitsu performance originates from these three basic concepts, which I have labeled, the Holy Trinity of BJJ:

  • Breath performance
  • Hip performance
  • Grip performance

The concepts of Breath, Hips, and Grip are the key foundation of our ability to perform  The Art.  There are many more concepts, but these three are the pillars.  The trinity is analogous to an onion:  Each has layers upon layers.  As the layers are  pealed away, the true core is revealed.   This has been a goal of mine, to experience then remove each layer, to find the true dynamic of The Art.  My hope is for you to be able to do the same in order to realize your own efficiency.

I have began the discussion on breath, here and here.   There will be plenty more discussion.  But today, use the Trinity to diagnose any problems that you may be encountering as you learn and train.  Trace any issue that you have and it likely comes back to Breath, Hips, or Grip.