Garry vs Rousimar

Polaris 3

Main Event


Poole, UK

Garry Tonon vs Rousimar Palhares

Garry Tonon has made his name in no gi events: Metamoris, Eddie Bravo Invitational, No Gi Pans, Polaris and ADCC.  Regardless if he wins or loses, he is fun to watch.  Stalling does not exist in his repertoire.

Rousimar Palhares is known for one thing:  his inability to let go of submissions when people tap.  Doesn’t matter if its a grappling event, MMA fight, or – rumor has it-  even in regular training, he won’t let go.   He is the dirtiest fighter today.

Polaris is a UK- based professional grappling promotion of submission only super fights.  For this event in 2016, Gary and Rousimar agreed to a catchweight of 83kg (~183 lbs).  I don’t know the official weigh in, but it looks like Garry could have weighed in fully clothed with a backpack on to meet the limit.

So we have Garry, who is always attacking, and Rousimar, who is always trying to injure.  A classic MFM edition.

Enjoy Garry vs Rousimar.