Clark vs Ken

2012 IBJJF New York City Open

Black Belt Middleweight Quarterfinal

New York, New York

Clark Gracie vs Ken Primola

Clark Gracie (Blue Gi) is the grandson of Gracie Jiu Jitsu founder, Carlos Gracie, but was born and primarily raised in California. As you will see from this match, Clark is well known for the omoplata and for chokes derived from that position.

Ken Primola is an American Black Belt and a prolific author of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu self help books (seriously, put his name into Amazon).

After this match happened, it became an instant meme across the internet. Mainstream media picked up on it and he appeared on Good Morning America to share his story. I am not posting that link, you all can search that silliness yourself (but really, you must). But, don’t let the “photogenic jiu jitsu guy” overshadow what is really good technique and a wonderfully savage finish.

Enjoy Clark vs Ken.