Fellipe vs Felipe

2018 Curitiba Spring Open No Gi

Absolute Final

Curitiba, Brazil

Fellipe Andrew vs Felipe Cesar Silva

Fellipe Andrew (right) is a finisher. He was brand new to the black belt ranks in 2018 and I became a fan after watching his performance at the Worlds in June. He has yet to win anything major, but I predict that he will.

Just last year, he amassed 42 wins in a variety of promotions, 30 by submission (that is a 71% finish rate). He either finishes by triangle or by ankle lock. Below is just one example of how smooth and fast his submissions are.

Enjoy Fellipe vs Felipe

Robert vs Marcelo

2007 ADCC World Championships

Absolute Final

Trenton, New Jersey

Robert Drysdale vs Marcelo Garcia

Robert Drysdale is a Brazilian-American, born in Utah, but raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He received his black belt from Leo Viera and went on to be World Champion in 2005 at Heavyweight. He is now a respected coach of Zenith BJJ in Las Vegas.

At the 2007 ADCC, Marcelo was on his way to repeating what Roger had done in 2005 – submitting the field in both weight and absolute categories (He recorded 6 chokes and 1 arm bar). Then this happened…

Enjoy Robert vs Marcelo.

p.s.: Had Marcelo achieved the absolute championship, he would have been the smallest competitor (-77kg) to do so. No one under 88 Kg (194 lbs) has ever won the ADCC absolute.