Cafe vs Fabricio

2002 Pan Jiu Jitsu Championship

Super Heavy Initial Round

Kissimee Florida

Alexandre “Cafe” Dantas vs Fabricio Werdum

While I participated in this event and watched most of the matches over the three days, it wasn’t until someone created a compilation DVD of the best matches from the 2002 Pan that I saw this.   After I saw it I immediately started drilling this submission.

Alexandre Dantas was from Gracie Barra and does not have that much of a resume in the Gi as far as I could tell.  He would move on to win the division after this match.   He did have some success later in MMA.

Fabrico Werdum would have a much different career despite the result of this match.  He would become the 2003 and 2004 Ultra Heavy World Champion, the 2007 and 2009 +99Kg ADCC champion, and the UFC Heavyweight Champion (and first person to ever beat Fedor Emelianenko in MMA via triangle).