Tony vs Homer

2000 Grapplers Quest West

Open Weight Division Match

Tony DeSouza vs Homer Moore


Back in the day, pre Youtube, we had to wait for DVDs or VHS compilations to come out.  I remember getting a bootleg version of OTM’s Mat Burn and seeing this match.  I was lucky to find it on this site because it is no where to be found on Youtube.

Tony DeSouza is a wrestler, BJJ Black Belt under Nova Uniao, and MMA fighter (15-4) who is credited with creating the “Peruvian Necktie” submission (look it up…its nasty).  He also coined a fighting style called Cholitzu – a combination of wrestling and BJJ.  I think he resides and teaches in Peru.

Homer Moore is a wrestler and MMA fighter who compiled a decent record.  Not much else is known about him, except a little rumor that he killed a guy in 1999 (he was arrested and charged in 2014, but the matter was later dismissed).

I was always fascinated with this match because of the size difference and how quickly it ended.

Enjoy Tony vs Homer

Michelle vs Tammi

2014 World Championships

Female Featherweight Black Belt Final

Irvine California

Michelle Nicolini vs Tammi Musumeci

Michelle Nicolini (Blue Gi) is one of the most decorated female grapplers with 8 World Championships in the GI, 2 No Gi World Championships, 3 Pan Am Championships and 2 European Championships.   She is also the 2013 -60kg ADCC champion.

This would be her final Worlds as she retired from Gi competition to concentrate on MMA where where she has compiled, to date,  a 5-1 record (Please UFC…make Michelle vs Mackenzie.  They had epic grappling matches and the world needs to see them punch and kick each other).

This match for Tammi Musumeci was her first World Championships, at the age of 19.  She had shocked the BJJ community earlier that year by beating Mackenzie Dern in the Featherweight final of the Pan Ams.  She also racked up the 2013 Feather Weight No Gi World Championship.

This is a favorite of mine as the effort of both of these women defines the word gameness. There is no stalling, no working for advantages only, no riding the time out for a point victory.  They are constantly attacking.  Secondly, this match has the most intense submission attempt I have ever seen.  You will actually feel it as you watch it.

Enjoy Michelle vs Tammi