Andre vs Martin

Event Unknown

Date and Location Unknown

Believed to be Absolute Match

Andre Galvao vs Martin Suarez 

Andre Galvao has won everything at the highest levels in GI and No Gi:  IBJJF, ADCC, World Pro, various super fights.  The list is very long.  It is safe to place him in the top 5 best grapplers of all time.  His success is not limited to on the mats, as he co-founded, along with Ramon Lemos,  the powerhouse Jiu Jitsu team Atos.

Martin Suarez, on the other hand, is a simply dumbass.  He trained in some bullshito  called Yudansha Fighting System (which I refused to research for this post)  and decided that he was well versed in the martial spirit handed down from some other dumbass that he could enter a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament at black belt.

The ensuing match is his just deserts.

This event obviously took place prior to the IBJJF registration guidelines that makes black belts prove that they are black belts.

One other note about this match, according to some expert opinions (nee youtube commenters) there is a small slice of video left out.  Apparently, Mr. Suarez, via his expertise in Yudansha Fighting, felt that a knee reap was in order.  This move, uncalled by the referee, is what apparently upset Andre. From their things escalated quickly.

While this video is comical in its own right, there is another with this match cut to a dance remix.  It is worth a look

Enjoy Andre vs Dumbass (Martin)