Alexandre vs Roberto

2012 World Championships

Heavyweight Semi-Final

Long Beach, California

Alexandre Ribeiro vs Roberto Alencar

Alexandre “Xande” Ribeiro is a 5 time world champion, including a two-time as Absolute champion (both victories over Roger Gracie by points). He is a 4 time Pan Jiu Jitsu Champion and a 2 time ADCC Champion. He has also had success at the UAE World Jiu Jitsu Pro level. I had the pleasure of witnessing his promotion to Black Belt after he won the professional no gi division at the Arnold Classic in March of 2001. We will see him in the premier competition this year as he just received an invitation for the 2019 ADCC Championships, at the young age of 38.

Roberto “Tussa” Alencar (“Tussa” translates to big teeth) is a 4 time world no gi champion and has one pan jiu jitsu championship to his resume. He currently resides in New Mexico and is the BJJ Coach of UFC Champion Jon Jones.

The title of the video gives away the conclusion, but watch to see who gets it, when and how (unless you cheat and read the summary)

Enjoy Alexandre vs Roberto