Eddie vs Sergio

2014 East Coast ADCC Trials

-77kg Semi Final

Nitro, West Virginia

Eddie Cummings vs Sergio Ardilla

Eddie Cummings (black rash guard) is infamous for his leg lock game. His competitive record is small because he focuses on submission only or no gi formats (EBI, Polaris, Fight 2 Win, ADCC), but 81% of his victories were by heel hook.

A requirement for a good leg lock game is a high functioning, open guard. Eddie demonstrates this in this match and has one of those unheard of transitions that leads to the eventual finish.

Enjoy Eddie vs Sergio

Nicholas vs Kaynan

2019 Brazilian Nationals

Absolute Semi-Final

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Nicholas Meregali vs Kaynan Duarte

This match happened just yesterday. When I learned the result, I knew it was going to be worthy entry into MFM. I believe these gentlemen are the next generation of players who will be occupying most of the podiums for the next 4 to 5 years.

Nicholas Meregali (Black Gi) has already established himself during his short tenure at Black Belt. In his first year after his promotion, he upset the infamous Leandro Lo to become the 2017 Heavyweight World Champion. He also won his weight at the 2018 Brazilian Nationals.

Kaynan Duarte is also on a recent tear. Since he was promoted to Black Belt last year, he has placed 1st or 2nd in everything he has entered. So far in 2019, He has won Europeans, Pan, and Abu Dhabi World Pro.

These two have met before and they will certainly meet again. I hope we are witnessing the beginning of a nice little rivalry.

Enjoy Nicholas vs Kaynan.