Claudia vs Maybelline

2019 Manila Open

Women’s Open Weight Final

Manila, Phillippines

Claudia Doval vs Maybelline Masuda

  • 5 Guard Passes = 15 points
  • 5 Knee on Belly = 10 Points
  • 9 Sweeps = 18 Points
  • 6 Back takes = 24 points
  • 6 Mounts = 24 points

91 – 0 before it mercifully ends with an arm bar

Enjoy (if you can) Claudia vs Maybelline

Ed. Note: Updated 2/14/19. Video incorrectly identifies the match as the Super Heavyweight final. That occurred earlier in which they fought each other as well. Claudia was ahead 63-0 before sinking a rear naked choke.

Ffion vs Gabi

2019 European Championships

Women’s Featherweight Final

Lisbon, Portugal

FFion Davies vs Gabi Fechter

Ffion Davies (white gi) has officially arrived.

After a distinguished career at the lower belts, Ffion graduated to black belt in November, 2018. Two weeks after her promotion, she travels to California and takes the featherweight crown at the No Gi Worlds. Then, just last month, she dons the gi and smokes everyone to take the featherweight European title. Not a bad 3 months as a black belt.

In March, she collides with Gezary at Polaris 9 in a 15 minute No Gi Match. I don’t think it lasts that long.

Enjoy Ffion vs Gabi