Robert vs Marcelo

2007 ADCC World Championships

Absolute Final

Trenton, New Jersey

Robert Drysdale vs Marcelo Garcia

Robert Drysdale is a Brazilian-American, born in Utah, but raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He received his black belt from Leo Viera and went on to be World Champion in 2005 at Heavyweight. He is now a respected coach of Zenith BJJ in Las Vegas.

At the 2007 ADCC, Marcelo was on his way to repeating what Roger had done in 2005 – submitting the field in both weight and absolute categories (He recorded 6 chokes and 1 arm bar). Then this happened…

Enjoy Robert vs Marcelo.

p.s.: Had Marcelo achieved the absolute championship, he would have been the smallest competitor (-77kg) to do so. No one under 88 Kg (194 lbs) has ever won the ADCC absolute.

Roger vs The Field

2005 ADCC World Championships

-99 KG and Absolute Brackets

Long Beach, California

Roger Gracie vs The Field

Winning a weight and absolute category in a major championship tournament is an accomplishment that a select few have attained in the history of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Wrestling competitions.

To reach this feat, in most cases, a competitor must defeat a minimum of 8 opponents, typically over a 2 day period. Most match times are 10 minutes. The exception is ADCC where the finals are 20 minutes long (with overtime potential). That is a lot of time to prepare for.

In the history of the ADCC World Championships, only 6 men have attained gold in their weight and the absolute category. But only one man has been perfect by submitting all 8 opponents. Roger Gracie did just that in the 2005 ADCC World Submission Championships.

In the -98KG category, Roger ran through his bracket in the following order (links to the videos, when available, are provided):

Round 1: Submits Justin Garcia by Rear Naked Choke

Round 2: Submits Eduardo Telles by Arm Bar

Round 3: Submits Xande Ribeiro by Rear Naked Choke

Round 4: Submits Alexandre Ferreira by Verbal Submission to win the category.

In the Absolute category, Roger finished his bracket in the following order:

Round 1: Submits Shinya Aoki by Ankle Lock

Round 2: Submits Fabricio Werdum by Rear Naked Choke

Round 3: Submits Xande Ribeiro by Rear Naked Choke (this is the better match of the event between the two where Xande had him triangled before Roger defended and came back to win.  Unfortunately the full video can’t be found)

Round 4: Submits Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza by Rear Naked Choke (below) to win the absolute category.

Enjoy Roger vs The Field