Marcelo vs Kron

2009 ADCC World Championships

-77Kg Quarter-Final

Barcelona, Spain

Marcelo Garcia vs Kron Gracie

Marcelo is currently the only person to hold 4 gold medals in his weight division of the ADCC world championships.  He is also tied for the most podium finishes with 7.   When you look at the remaining field of podium finishers of the ADCC, his 4 victories may hold for a while.  By the 2009 Barcelona event, he had already won -77kg 3 times in a row

This was Kron’s first appearance at ADCC and from all available accounts, this match would be their first meeting – Gi or No Gi (but not their last).

When watching Marcelo, especially without the Gi, the first two things that stand out are his speed and control of his opponent.   But look deeper and you will see the accuracy of his technique.  Fluid, efficient, and rarely out of place, his attention to detail is what separates him from the rest of his peers.

Enjoy Marcelo vs Kron

As a bonus, here is their meeting in 2011.  Marcelo recounted later that Kron almost had him.  Enjoy this one as well.

Roger vs Marcus

2017 Gracie Pro


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Roger Gracie vs Marcus Almeida

This match needs no introduction.

Enjoy Roger vs Marcus