2011 Pan Jiu Jitsu Championships-Day 3

Our final day of competition for Team Chard was Saturday as Tim Lehman participated in the Masters (30-35) Purple Belt Super Heavy (221 lbs) and Open Weight classes.  Tim’s weight category started at noon and everything was proceeding normally, until, at Gi check,  his uniform was disqualified for being too tight in the arms.  We scrambled over to one of the vendors at the event, bought a larger Gi, and got him on the mat.

Tim, in his new white Gi

He started off his match by pulling guard very quickly and worked tirelessly for a submission.  At one point he had an arm bar locked, but his opponent would not give in.  Down by an advantage point, with about 20 seconds to go, his opponent passed his guard and securing a win by a score of 3-0.

Tim returned in the evening to contest the Absolute (no weight limit) category.  His first opponent he drew was a lightweight competitor.  Tim again pulled guard and proceeded to sweep, pass, and use his knee on the belly for the entire 6 minutes to dominate.  He moved on to the second round with an 11-0 win.

His second round opponent had an impressive stand up game in his first round win. So going in, Tim knew he had to establish guard very quickly to avoid a take down.  Not only did he pull guard effectively, but he was able to isolate his opponent’s arm and quickly moved into an inverted arm bar for the submission win, just 1:14 into the match (and yes, he bought a second, blue Gi for the absolute.)

Tim's inverted arm bar for the win

He then moved on to the final 8 of the division.  His next opponent, a very solid competitor, was one he had met 2 years ago as a blue belt.   His opponent came out and pulled guard immediately.  Tim did a very good job stabilizing his position for a guard pass and almost was successful.  However, his opponent’s guard was too active too control.  He swept Tim and went up 2-0.  Tim tried to work his guard, but as his opponent was passing, Tim gave up his back and his opponent secured a Gi choke for the win.  Tim’s march to the podium ended in the third round (his opponent went on to win the category).

All in all, a great weekend of competition, effort, and fun for the team.

2011 Pan Jiu Jitsu Championships-Day 2

Friday afternoon, we returned to the Bren Center for the Adult Purple Belt divisions.  The Purple Belts at the Pan are always very competitive and entertaining to watch.  Jon Bobel was up for Team Chard in the medium heavy weight division (194 lbs).  After his Gi and weight check in, he was escorted to the mat for his match.

Jon working his guard

Jon pulled guard very quickly and tried to work a variety of sweeps.  His opponent had a very good base and wasn’t budging.   Methodically, his opponent made his way into Jon’s half guard, then passed the guard to go ahead 3-0.  But, Jon was able to replace his guard and secure a triangle.  But time was not on his side as he could not sink the submission in before time expired.

Saturday is our last day for competition as Tim Lehman is up in the Masters (age 30-35) Purple Belt division.